Make Money on EBay by Selecting the Right Dropship Supplier – Part 1

Many who have just started feel the only way they can make money on eBay is using a dropship company. They begin their search and find that while there are many dropship suppliers to choose from, there are also many problems finding just the right company. Some dropship suppliers don’t carry the right products. Others charge too much money to yield a profit. Still others seem to take your money and run. This is the first of 4 articles that will cover methods for screening prospective companies to find just the right one for your business.

Locating the right dropship supplier is much likeĀ  Dropshipping Supplier UK searching for gold nuggets. While there will be many rocks lying about, there are just a few gold nuggets. In fact, it may require sifting through rocks for days to find even a single gold nugget. If you are to make money on eBay your search for that gold nugget will require that you invest a great deal of time, and that you adopt a stick-to-it approach to the task. It may not be easy, but once you’ve found the gold nugget you seek, the investment you made to locate it will seem small indeed.

So what are some of the steps to take as you screen prospective dropship suppliers? How can you know when you’ve located the gold nugget you seek? How will you know when you’ve located the rare gold nugget to make money on your eBay business.

Each prospective dropship supplier must be put through a thorough evaluation process. Each must be screened to make sure you can in fact make money on eBay by using their services. Areas of concern start with the reputation and reliability of the company. There is no need to invest a great deal of time screening an unscrupulous supplier, so they need to be eliminated as soon as possible in the screening process. Prospects that remain should be screened for factors including product availability and processes that they use to notify you when inventory is not available. Other concerns include customer service, shipping processes, and communication. Finally, total cost requirements and your profitability must be carefully examined.

In the articles that follow in this series specific screening questions will be presented. Each question must be asked of every prospective supplier. Obtaining the right answers to all those questions is critical to locating the dropship supplier that will give you the opportunity to make money on eBay. Don’t forget to start by thoroughly checking references. Many reputable companies will happily provide customer information so you can directly check references. As you begin to narrow down your search don’t forget to check organizations like the Better Business Bureau and others.

To your eBay success!


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