5 Myths About Cellulite and Exercises

Understanding what cellulite is and how to get rid of it can be very confusing. There’s so much media advertising that claim their product is the next best thing to curing cellulite, but how can you really know what works. I’ve found that the best solution is first knowing what the root cause of cellulite is and then researching people who have effectively reduced their cellulite so that you can follow their success. Here are 5 myths about cellulite and exercises to get rid of cellulite. Guess which are true and which are false.

Myth 1: Cellulite Is a Special Type of Fat.

It may seem that cellulite could be some different type of fat because of the way it looks. It has that odd, cottage cheese appearance to it. The reason for it’s awkward shape is that the connective tissue that holds the fat in place is honey-combed shaped. As we get older the connective tissue looses it’s elasticity allowing the fat deposits to bulge through. This then causes the appearance of cellulite. The answer to this myth is false. Cellulite is simply fat deposits like any other type of body fat.

Myth 2: Only Overweight People Get Cellulite.

You would assume that the more fat someone has on their body would make them a likely candidate for cellulite. However, this is not the case. Cellulite can be seen in slender women as well. How is this possible? Well, going back to myth 1, if we don’t engage our muscles in physical activity on a regular basis then that connective tissue also gets weak. So this myth is also false since cellulite can appear in all body types.

Myth 3: Nothing Can Get Rid of Cellulite.

After trying multiple products or procedures, some women can feel hopeless. Even women who have gone through a weight loss program, and have lost weight, but still have cellulite can be very frustrated. I always say if there’s a will there’s a way. There actually have been women who have reduced their cellulite appearance tremendously and you can replicate that success for yourself. I’ll go into more detail about that topic below.

Myth 4: Liposuction or Expensive Creams Are the Only Way to Cure Cellulite.

Any medical procedure that removes fat, only does just that. Liposuction cannot change the appearance of fat. https://www.femei-moderne.ro/  So in the end, you’ll have less fat but cellulite will still be seen. As far as creams go, it’s impossible for a cream to penetrate through the skin and burn off fat. At best, a cream or any type of anti-cellulite product will tighten the skin. Keep in mind that the skin isn’t the problem, and the root cause of cellulite lies in the muscle and connective tissue areas.

Myth 5: Targeted Exercises on the Problem Areas Can Reduce Your Cellulite.

Now that you know the main cause of cellulite it’s a no brainer that exercises to get rid of cellulite would include movements that utilize the muscles around your problem areas. It’s also one of the best ways to have toned thighs and a firm back side. I can speak from experience that my bottom got so much smaller. It was fantastic! Here is a list of some of the best exercises for cellulite reduction that you can include in your exercise routine for maximum results:

– squats
– leg lifts standing up
– leg lifts lying down on your side
– lunges
– the plank (with your feet on a chair or on the floor)
– simply squeezing your bottom or thighs together

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