How Often Should Married Christians Have Sex?

his is a common question for married Christians – how often should we have sex?

There seems to be a notion that “too much sex is not appropriate”. But then on the other hand there are couples you have sex very rarely, couples having sex live if at all, and this is definitely not appropriate either.

So how often should married Christian couples have sex? What’s the magic number? Once a month? Once a week? Everyday?

The answer is that there is no magic number. For every couple it is going to be different.

BUT, here is how to determine how often you should have sex:

Whatever is the most comfortable for you and your spouse should be adhered to. This means if you both agree on everyday sex, then you should practice intimacy on a daily basis. If on the other hand, the both of you are comfortable with sex only once a month or so, then this can be followed. Of course, exceptions can be made.

The key is to make sex a “constant” aspect of your relationship. Sex is VERY important. It’s a special gift from God that all Christians should practice. Having sex on a “constant basis” will differ from couple to couple as we mentioned earlier, but if you don’t practice it somewhat regularly, then it can be easy for couples to find themselves straying away from sex. They may not have intended for it to happen, but because they didn’t make intimacy a priority in their lives, it now becomes absent and they find it difficult to get back on track.


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