35 Best PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks for Beginners to Win Chicken Dinner in 2020

Player Unkown’s BattleGrounds Mobile slot slot
aka PUBG cellular has been the hottest online multiplayer battle royale sport for the maximum part of 2018. In truth, an average Indian reportedly spends extra than 8 hours consistent with week playing PUBG. For folks who don’t know, PUBG originally commenced as a PC simplest recreation in 2017 before subsequently debuting on Play shop for Android and Appstore for iPhones. It changed into currently delivered for Xbox and Sony Play station as nicely.

What is PUGB Mobile and How the Battle Works?
Simply placed, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUGB) warfare royale is a multiplayer sport in which 100 gamers are air-dropped on an island and the last one standing wins. Throughout the battle, a participant has to collect necessities like armor, weapons, medic package as the play sector continues to decrease.


In this game, survival subjects more than the number of kills and the winner is the one who survives till the quit of the game and is greeted with ‘Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner’. It is well worth citing here that extra you play, the better your ranking gets, and tougher the game becomes.

So, without losing any extra time, let’s get to PUBG guidelines and hints to help you live to tell the tale and win.

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Tips for better PUBG recreation play
PUBG Tips and trick on maps
Tips on PUBG guns
PUBG Vehicles associated hints
Miscellaneous PUBG guidelines
Best PUBG Tips and Trick That You Must Know in 2020

Tips For Better Gameplay
1. Set-up PUBG Mobile game profile successfully
For folks that are just about to start their PUBG journey, the subsequent records ought to show handy for putting in place there PUGB profile:


A new consumer has to login to create a brand new profile. There are numerous approaches to do that and you may use Google’s Play recreation, Facebook, Twitter, or Guest account. If you choose to connect with Facebook, or Twitter or Google Play you may sync your development.
If you log-in using Social money owed together with Facebook or Twitter, it’ll be easier to crew up together with your buddies for Duo or Squad game.
Adjust Your Game Setting
Before you get armed for the royal struggle, tweaking certain recreation settings will beautify your general PUBG cellular sport revel in. Let’s go through them separately:

2. Choose between FPP vs TPP
It is rather a private preference but it’s miles crucial. Therefore, pick among Third Person View or First Person View as in step with your desire. To Change that go to Select Mode choice and test pinnacle bar to pick out among Third Person View (TPP) or First Person View (FPP) options.

3. Adjust Screen for Notch in PUBG
Display Notches have become a mainstream function in 2018 and nowadays they arrive in one-of-a-kind styles and sizes. Therefore, recently Tencent has optimized PUGB for notch screens. For this, all you have to do is visit the settings menu>Graphics> Non-Standard Screen> Select Notched. Now, restart the PUBG recreation for the settings to take effect.

Four. Choose among Solo, Duo or Squad
As I cited before, in PUBG you can either play solo or crew up with a friend for Duo match. In squad mode, as much as four people can group up collectively. To pick your preferred mode visit Select Mode> Team > choose Solo, Duo or Squad mode and hit Ok.

Five. Select Right Graphics Quality
It is likewise crucial to realize the bounds of your cellphone. The PUBG cellular is snap shots in depth recreation so if you are using an inexpensive phone and pics are set to HD or HDR and Frame Rates to High or Ultra you may word a number of lag or frame drops. Therefore, pick pictures putting accordingly. To do so move tap on Settings icon > Graphics. Also, you are recommended to preserve auto adjust pix turned on, which routinely lowers the pictures setting in case of a overall performance drop.

6. Check Server Ping or Change Server
The PUBG mobile is a recreation that is dependent on the internet and a lot relies upon on PUGB servers. So earlier than you start gaming don’t forget about to test sever ping.

What is Server Ping in PUBG?

Well, its the reaction time from the server. It is largely time taken for bullets to fireplace from your telephone once you push the trigger in your cease.

In the PUBG cell recreation, Tencent is presently offering five servers to selected from. Each server has specific ping instances. Choose a server with the bottom ping says about 30ms or underneath. It is likewise worth citing right here that if you are a information person you must stick with one server most effective. To choose, hit Select Mode right beneath the start button, have a look at the pinnacle left corner and pick your server.

7. Make certain enabled goal help is enabled
Unless you are a seasoned, you ought to preserve Aim Assist became on because it proves beneficial whilst aiming for a kill. To do so, visit Settings>Basic> Aim help>Enable.

Eight. Enable Open Doors
It’s a intricate putting. Keeping it tuned on could assist you avoid enemy institution attack in near encounters. However, there’s also a possibility that you by accident open a door at the incorrect time. Still, I personally opt to keep it turned on. Go To Settings> Basic> Auto open doors > Enable.

9. Enable Left Side Trigger Button
In PUBG putting there’s an option to upload a cause button at the left-hand aspect. It is in reality accessible when you are scooping or even as knocking out an opponent at the pass. To permit the function, visit Settings>Basic> Display Left aspect fireplace button> Always on.

10. Customize Button Placement
Looking to alternate the controls in PUBG? Well, yes you may do that. The sport comes with more than one button layouts to choose nonetheless it’s miles encouraged that you regulate their placement as consistent with your palms. You also can resize buttons as per your needs.

To exchange your button layout visit Settings>Controls> Customize, now make your adjustments and hit the store button at the top, then faucet go out.

11. Choose your Play Mode: Classic or Arcade
There are play modes in PUBG – cell Classic and Arcade. In traditional mode, there are one hundred gamers who compete with each other. The Arcade mode, then again, gives War, Quick Match, Sniper Training and Mini-Zone alternatives to pick out and play.

What is PUBG War?
In Arcade mode of the PUBG Mobile game, there’s War mode option. Under the War mode, it’s a 15-min respawning battle royal sport where a team or individual has to score one hundred points to win. They advantage 3 points for each kill, 1 factor for a knockout, 1 factor for a revive. You play, die and respawn until one team gets “winner-winner chook dinner”. In PUBG War mode, each participant gets the identical gun and the same package.

What is Quick Match in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?
This is an 8-minute fit in a small vicinity of the map, typically with a weapon theme, like shotguns or SMGs. The remaining guy standing wins.

What is Sniper Training in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?
A single head-shot kill in PUBG conflict is exciting, proper? Well, you may test your talents in Sniper schooling mode wherein you pass on is a 15-minute play handiest with sniper guns.

What is Mini-Zone in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode?
It’s a super mode for folks who like an severe 4×4 battle. In this mode, the drop vicinity is restricted at the map in which 100 raring warfare fanatics are air dropped. Rest of the playback is just like Classic mode. It has been the most famous Arcade gaming mode and that’s exactly why the Mini-Zone is now limited to Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays only.

Tips Related to Maps
12. Download Maps or Change the Battlefield
By default, PUBG mobile comes with Erangel map. However, recently Tencent has brought three new maps – Miramar, Snahok, and Vikendi to maintain users engaged.

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