3 Ways to Be Clever in Web Hosting

There are 3 ways to be clever in web hosting. If you follow tips mentioned in this article it will be easier for you to choose a web hosting service which suits to your needs.

Way #1 — Be clever when looking for hosting reviews

If you type in Google phrase like hosting reviews or similar one you will find a lot of websites featuring top 10 companies. These websites are trying to act as independent review sites but most of them are only affiliates of the companies which pay high commission for every sale. The honest reviews can be found in the forums. There are some forums specialized on shared hosting and many  Clever other webmaster related forums where you may find some independent reviews.

Way #2 — Test the company before ordering the hosting plan

Does the web hosting provider claim that they have quick customer support working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Test them — send them a message with a few question and you will see how quickly they respond. Take into the account not only the response time but also the quality of the response.

Way #3 — Check out the web host’s uptime

Good uptime is one of the most important factors when choosing the web host. Be clever and find some third party services which measure the uptime. Reliable web hosting services should be monitored by 3rd party and not only by itself. Uptime better then 99.5% is considered good and uptime over 99.75% excellent.

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