4 Advantages of Server Management Services

With the advent of the internet and its growing accessibility, it has become possible for people and companies from around the globe to do business with each other. Every company, whether small or big, strives for online presence through its websites in order to create awareness of their offerings and to facilitate e-commerce. Moreover, the complexity of websites is increasing day by day. This has paved the way for newer opportunities in the IT field and, as expected, everyone and their kin has jumped onto the IT bandwagon, offering hosting services and forcing each player to up their game in order to survive the competition.

One of the ways the web hosting service providers have responded to the challenge is by outsourcing support services to third party vendors who are experts in the field and have the wherewithal to efficiently provide server management services and other support services, like server security, maintenance, server support and server migration as well as web hosting technical support.

Advantages of Outsourced Support:

Round the clock server management services provided by vendors ensure that if the server malfunctions, there is always someone available to do the troubleshooting. This reduces website downtime and keeps clients who have their sites on those servers happy.

Depending upon the contract, outsourced support also  Cloud Services includes services like assigning a dedicated team of professionals to monitor servers from a number of locations, to report downtime and uptime, to do security audits of servers and to take preventive measures to keep away malware, viruses and other security threats.

Enables web hosting service providers to focus on their core business for the smooth running of operations as opposed to being pulled in multiple directions. Not only this, if the web hosting companies are looking at business expansion, their support partners can help them in setting up new servers, installing firewalls and assisting with server migration.

Even from a purely financial point of view, outsourcing makes sense as there is no need to invest in a costly infrastructure and to hire specialized customer service and technical staff that will increase administrative headaches for the company.

There are no real disadvantages to outsourcing server management services if the outsourcing partner is selected carefully and service levels are discussed beforehand. Some of the things to consider before choosing a support vendor are:

Outsourcing budget.
Previous experience and references from other clients.
Quality of support in terms of communication skills and technical expertise of support personnel.
Minimum set of services offered by the vendor (price-service comparison).
Cancellation terms.


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