The (5) Five Things Every Physician Needs to Know About Job Searches

In my opinion                       the business of Physician Recruiters helping Physicians find Jobs is handled in a professional way and MOST of the players in the industry conduct themselves as such.

I do think it is a good idea to keep the following in mind:

1. Find an Advocate or Champion to help you with your search

This is an idea that many Physicians find a bit adverse or foreign in the job search process. Why would you NOT find an expert that you trust to help you with one of the most important decisions of your life? After all this isn’t like buying a car or a new boat – this is your CAREER – it will determine the path you walk down forever (in many ways) So – what is an advocate? – In this case it is generally a good Physician Recruiter that can help you navigate the opportunities and the processes surrounding them. In some cases it will be a seasoned Physician in a specific program – but generally a Physician Recruiter has the training and experience to help you more effectively.

Physician Recruiters come in many types – In-House, Independent, Retained, Contingent, Staff, HR – it is a good idea to find out what the Physician Recruiter you work with has, as his/her Motivation – ASK QUESTIONS – A good Physician Recruiter will WANT to tell you who they are, how they work and WHY you are of interest to THEM. If you do not “click” – Move on – there are 1000’s of Physician Recruiters; finding the right one for you may take time – TRUST your gut

2. DO NOT believe everything you hear or see

When you hear the line that goes something like this – “you need to make a decision by Friday or we will need to move on to the next candidate” Politely tell the messenger “thanks but no thanks”! In an UNUSUAL case there may actually be some sort of deadlines within groups or there may be such a HUGE demand for a specific program that the hiring manager simply has too many choices to consider – but don’t count on it. Again this is a case for a second set of eyes and ears – your advocate.

There is a huge shortage of Physicians in the USA – once again – There is a HUGE shortage of Physicians in the USA This means you do have your pick, to a certain extent, of many job opportunities and the employer in MANY cases will offer you a job if you can fog a mirror – well OK I’m being a bit dramatic. But make sure that you look, listen and feel – do you see yourself in the Job – For at least the next few years; are you happy?
Read Number 3 below – this is your time to put yourself – FIRST

3. Approach this as a life changing event/choice

Do you know where, geographically, you want to establish your life/Career – why – what are the reasons; are they valid or just wishes? Do you have Family in the area, is your spouse’s Family in the area – is this a new start for you. What are your plans for your family (Spouse, Kids) aging parents; is this stepping stone to something else. These are all questions you should try to know the answers to. Take some time to visit if you are not really familiar with the area, if you are married take your wife.



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