Tips for Covering Pimples – How to Cover Pimples With Foundation

If you need a simple, easy-to-follow guide for covering up pimples with foundationlist, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will outline the types of foundation as well as the methods of application you should use to successfully cover that big red zit up. However, you should keep in mind that foundation can only hide a pimple – to get rid of it completely, you will need to invest in a suitable skincare approach.

So you’re getting ready to go out – maybe you’re meeting that cute coworker for lunch or you’re having a ladies night out – when out of the corner of your eye, you see it: a pimple. That angry, inflamed, pus-filled demon has reared its ugly head again. But what are you going to do? You want to look good; you definitely don’t want a zit that looks like the beginnings of a second head sprouting from your nose.

That’s where we come in. While there’s no real trick to making a zit go away instantaneously, you can hide it away until it decides to leave you for good. With our tips and tricks to using foundation to completely mask even the most stubborn of pimples, you’re guaranteed to look flawless and picture-perfect for any occasion!

Picking your foundation

Since it’s going to be on your skin all day long, you’ll want to pick a foundation that’s light and breathable. Opt for non-comedogenic foundations – this refers to a class of foundations that don’t clog your pores. After all, clogged pores lead to pimples, and there’s no point in trying to cover up a pimple if you’re only going to create 10 more!

If you’re afflicted with acne or have sensitive skin, choose your foundation accordingly. You may need a hypoallergenic one, or those specifically formulated for oily/acne-prone skin.

It can be pretty overwhelming sorting through all the different brands of foundation at the store, and just ask the staff there for help. They receive special training on the products available, and will definitely be able to recommend you the best type of foundation for your specific needs. Bye bye foundations reviews are pretty good and they can definitely help you out with your skin problems.

Be sure to get the right shade of foundation! Test it out on your neck instead of your wrist – your neck is the closest in shade to your face.

Pre-application ritual

Yep, you read that right. Before you apply your foundation, you need to get your skin ready. You’ll want to cleanse it with a gentle face wash to get rid of any dirt or grime that may already be there. If you skip this step, you’ll effectively be trapping all dirt and oil under the layer of foundation you’ll apply. This, in turn, will cause your skin to break out in zits.

Gently pat your face dry with a clean towel. Foundation can dry your skin out, so it’s a good idea to moisturize your face too. Make sure the moisturizer has been completely absorbed into your skin before you begin to apply your foundation, otherwise, you could end up with a smeared mess.


So you’ve followed the steps to a T so far. Now you’re ready to actually apply your foundation! Place a tiny bit on your finger (make sure your hands are clean!) and pat it gently onto the pimple and any surrounding redness. Don’t rub it in – this could irritate your pimple further. Continue gently patting it until the pimple is covered up.

Then, apply the rest of the foundation to your skin. You can use a makeup sponge (as long as it’s clean!) or you can use your fingers. Try to rub as little as possible – and use as little foundation as possible! You want your skin to look naturally flawless, you don’t want that ugly caked look.

Once you’ve blended your foundation well, dust some matte setting powder over your face to remove that “shiny” look.

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