The Tribute Band: Instant Fame and Adulation?

Arguably for some people, being a famous musician/rock star, would be a dream come true. However, whilst quite possibly one of the most exciting, the music business remains one of the most competitive in the world. Behind the glitz and glamour hides the stark reality that despite relentless hard work, as well as the pain and misery of those who fail, comes the plain truth that there is absolutely no guarantee of success.

Trying to establish an original band and hopefully write hit songs, or even songs good enough to get a record deal, can be the hardest part of anyone aspiring to be a musician. However, instantfamez for the countless would be musicians, a possible solution exists, by forming a tribute band. Quite a lot of people have used this vehicle as a main income whilst they establish their own band. One of the biggest successes in this field is Bjorn Again, the ABBA tribute band, who have built up worldwide recognition. They are a popular favourite at many festivals around the world, attracting thousands of people.

So which band to choose?

Probably the obvious choice here relates to the type of music you prefer. Perhaps you have a varied taste in music, which would be ideal, as you can pick and choose. Maybe you have a passion for heavy metal or boy bands, and would only be happy been the new Slipknot or Boyzone act. However, you may find that there are already a dozen available acts. Well unless you are absolutely hell bent on a particular style or band, the next obvious choice is to do some market research. Brainstorm a number of ideas to start with and do a Google search to see if there are already established acts.

There are also a number of agents who represent tribute acts. In the UK for example Psycho Management and Entertainment UK are ones worth checking out. The Stage newspaper also lists a variety of agencies, to possibly contact for help and guidance.

Forming the band:

As I’m sure you can imagine, there is no hard and fast way to go about this. Perhaps you are already friends with a group of musicians who share a common interest. Networking musicians from your home town or local area, is bound to provide you with likely candidates. If you are already a musician who doesn’t have fixed ideas about what to play or who to form a band with, you could again consult publications such as The Stage and hopefully apply for vacant positions.

The benefits of pursuing the music business in this way can be more beneficial than money alone. The musician taking this route, will provide an in demand service, but also have the opportunity to develop as a musician. Providing you choose an in demand act, you can save the months of relentless touring that an original band has to go through to build up a following. Ultimately, the experience that can be gained as a tribute artist would undoubtedly prove valuable for any aspiring original artist.

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