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When planning the proposal, there is nothing more nerve wracking than asking your beloved to spend the rest of her life with you. Whether you have talked about it, or the question is completely unexpected, you want to do something that will melt her heart and give her sweet stories to tell the grandkids down the road.

At a loss for ideas? Don’t fear! There is a wealth of help with planning the perfect proposal. Use any of these ideas alone, or combine them with personal aspects of your relationship to give her a proposal she will never forget.

Create a DVD of memories of your time spent dating. This can be a movie or slide show presentation, done easily with a computer program to make it professional. At the end of the slide show, have your proposal recorded – on standby with the ring of course. For the real movie, make sure to have a hidden camera so you can watch her reaction again and again.

Another great idea is to take the “knight in shining armor” approach. Whether at a medieval fair or dinner theatre, get the employees to help you with the fun. Have your beloved called out to be the princess and you can rescue her.

One that has been done before, but still a good choice, is to have the message written by a plane or on a banner. Make sure that you are in your romantic spot to pull get-marriage this one off right – a picnic on the mountain or beach, for example, when the plane goes by, and have the ring handy when it flies over.

Writing the message on the ground opens you up to a lot of possibilities. Whether you write it out in flowers, candles, or shells, using this as the beginning or end of your proposal. Make sure that you use elements to write it out that draw from your interests as a couple – shells on the beach if you both love the water, flowers if she loves to garden, etc…

For the sports fanatics out there, go to a game for your favorite team together. During a break, have the cameras hone in and watch as you propose. Not for the shy, this is a great way to celebrate your relationship. Make sure someone has it recorded at home!

Any writers out there? Make a scrapbook of memories and write a story about how your life has changed. Put mementos in from dates and special events and places inside, and leave the last chapter “to be continued” with marriage. Very sweet, this will become a prized possession – and might just be displayed at the wedding.

Treasure hunts never stop being fun! Why not create a hunt with clues that seem to lead to something else, such as a weekend trip? Make it as involved as you want, with the end of the hunt being the proposal. To add to the romance element, have the treasure hunt lead to a romantic spot for the big question.

As a couple, you have unique quirks and qualities. Make sure to celebrate them with your wedding proposal. Don’t be tunnel-visioned in your proposal. You can make it a day to remember for the rest of your lives together.

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