How to Dress – Part 2

In part one of this article we were trying to show why clothes are important, for example, for our business position or functioning in the society. We have also told what does it mean to be elegant and how we can manage that. In this part we would like to tell something about dress codes and matching clothes and occasions.

Our clothes should always match our appearance in general – figure, age, and of course the occasion. For example clothes that we wear while being at the weekend mulcherparts trip are usually totally different than the one that we wear in the office or at official party. The way we look also depends on the weather, time of day or time of year. That’s why we have different types of dress codes.

What types of dress codes do we have? We can talk about three types of dress codes: business wear (called also informal wear), formal wear and semi-formal wear.

Mostly business wear means dress that we wear till 8 pm, and for a man it means wearing a regular suit and for a woman a short dress. Sometimes informal wear is divided into three subcategories: business dress (classic business wear), business casual (a comfort that goes with elegance which is important for a good image of company; not the kind of clothes that we wear on the evening meeting but we can wear it on business journey; most important characters of this type of code is that man don’t have to wear ties but they can’t be seen in jeans), casual dress which means that we can wear jeans at company picnic.

Formal wear is this type of clothing that we wear to evening meetings and parties. It can be worn only to big events like weddings or usually after 8 pm. Formal wear for man is usually frock coat or tuxedo. Those garments are worn usually in the evenings. When we are going on the early wedding we can dress into so called swallow (type of jacket). When it comes to woman she can wear all types of dresses (usually not to short). But if her companion wears frock coat she should wear long dresses.

Semi-formal wear is something between informal and formal dress. Semi-formal for man is dark suit with white shirt and not too sparkly tie, for woman a short dress that can be replaced by the tailor-made dress. Semi-formal tailor-made dress differs from the one that is worn in a day – it’s a little bit more delicate and made of lighter material with more intense color.

This is the end of part two of this article which showed in shortcut what types of dress codes do we have. In third part we will tell something about accessories and most common mistakes that we make while dressing formal wear and not only.


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