William Lane Craig’s Evidence For God’s Existence: A Rebuttal

Popular Philosopher, Theist, and Christian Apologist William Lane Craig usually provides five arguments for the existence of God.

God is the best explanation for the origin of the universe.

*Something (i.e. – the Universe) cannot come from nothing. From nothing, nothing comes. Not even God can create an absolute something from absolutely nothing. Therefore, something has always existed. Therefore there was a before the “origin of the universe”, which translated, just means the origin of our Universe. Our Universe is not the be-all-and-end-all of the Cosmos. Anyway, since something has always existed, there is absolutely no need for a creator deity, a deity William Lane Craig calls “God”.

*William Lane Craig says that has to be a First Cause, an uncaused cause, which can only come from God. However, he never states how far back that First Cause had to have been. If, IMHO, no matter how far back you think a First Cause must have been caused, you can of course extrapolate back ever further. That’s a practical definition of infinity. It’s like thinking of the highest number possible – then adding one to that! You can do that an infinite number of times.

*To avoid temporal issues, Craig asserts without any logic or actual evidence that his uncaused cause was simultaneous with its effect – the origin of our Universe. Alas, because of the limiting cosmic speed limit, the speed of light, there MUST be a temporal lag between a cause (uncaused or otherwise) and its effect.

*It’s within this segment that Craig describes his version of God as being uncaused, timeless, spaceless, immaterial, with unfathomable power (omnipotent) and personal. Taking each trait in turn:

God is Uncaused: To suggest that God is an uncaused being makes no real sense. If the designed (life, the Universe and everything) must have a designer (as theists insist on), then the designer in turn is designed and must in turn have a designer. So who designed God? Further, if God is uncaused then God is a being that has always existed. But then too the Cosmos has always existed (since you can’t create something from nothing, something has always existed). If both God and the Cosmos are uncaused and have therefore always existed for all of infinity, then there is absolutely no reason or need to even postulate the existence of God for which there is no evidence. God serves no purpose as a creator for the Cosmos (of which our Universe is but a part) was not created. There’s at least evidence for the Cosmos existing and therefore the Cosmos is hardly an existing equivalent to your invisible ‘friend’ in the sky.http://zinglister.com/

God is Timeless: If you exist in a timeless state, you exist in a state where nothing changes (including you) – since the concept of time is just how we make orderly sense of change – and if there is no change there is no motion since without motion there can be no change. As an analogy therefore, think of God in a timeless state as being just a macro still photograph (we’ll ignore the physical photograph’s micro quantum state). What can the object represented in a still photograph do? Not a hell of a lot. The object in the photograph is in a state of suspended animation – frozen in time. So if God is frozen in time, that is He exists in a timeless state, then He cannot even think a thought far less taking any action on those thoughts since having thoughts, say having an idea, implies an existence in time. “I think therefore I am” is a famous way of pointing out your very existence in time. “I am” is not an existence in a timeless state. If you think, that is say you have an idea, that implies that before you had that idea you didn’t have that idea and that thought. Therefore there must be an interval of time between not having the thought and having the thought, and the phase change between the two is a change, again implying a time interval. Of course my assumed premise here is that God is a thinking being which I think is a pretty reasonable assumption for being one of God’s traits. A thinking God seems far more likely than a timeless God.


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