Wii Sports Reviewed

As most Wii console packages come standard with the Wii Sports package I thought it would be a good idea to review Wii Sports.http://kostenkodaria.com/

Wii sports comes with five sports.

* Baseball

* Bowling

* Golf

* Tennis

* Boxing

You can play all but the boxing with the controller that comes out of the standard package. But to play the boxing game, you will need the nunchuck. At least two controllers and nunchucks are ideal as this game is best in a group.


Apart from the Mii’s having no legs the game is graphically quite nice. The game chooses your Mii’s as players first so you will see your own names coming up on the team roster first. It you don’t know what a “Mii” is, you can generate them in the Mii channel so keep all the stats for yourself, family and guests. I have one for each family member and the Mii looks similar (i.e. the kid’s Mii’s are shorter, slimmer, etc). The pitching in baseball is easy. Just hold the holder in your hand (cord attached to wrist for safety) and swing forward and downward – fast for a fast pitch, slow for a slow pitch. Pushing no button gives a straight fast ball, the “A” button a screw ball and “B” for a curve ball and “A” and “B” for a splitter (dropping ball).

Batting is even simpler – just swing the controller like you would a baseball bat. Timing is everything if you want a home run.

Unfortunately you can no longer steal bases as in the old Nintendo favorites, this and the fact the game is only 3 innings long are my only criticisms.


Ten pin bowling. Swing an underarm and hit the “B” button to release. My secret – hit the “B” at the very last moment – the ball will hit down and stay on track. This works until you improve to “PRO” level in which case you will notice the ball spins off to the side more. You can make the ball spin by moving your wrist while swinging.

I’m a much better bowler online than in real life getting scores of over two hundred. However the game is very realistic with bowling alley sounds, pins dropping and more.


Like the real game, Wii Sports golf requires patience, timing and the right application of force. Up to a nine hole golf course with ever more difficult and challenging holes. The best bet is to be conservative in your shot selection and power it you want any hope of reaching a hole in par. Its also import in Wii Sports Golf to stay on the fairway as you have a significant penalty in power if you land on the rough.


This is the only game that is disappointing. Wii Sports Tennis is lacking the necessary control in the ability to slam and directing the ball it a matter of very fine timing. Also running the “Mii” over the court is difficult and slow, meaning you often are in the wrong place to even get close to hitting the ball. The two player game isn’t too bad if you play with someone else on your team as you are able to cover the court better making up for the lack of movement in the Mii’s.


Wii Fit Sports should come with a medical warning – see you doctor before you play, especially with the boxing because you will end up huffing and puffing. This is the most difficult to get to pro rating with the boxers you face getting increasing better. You will have to learn to dodge, weave and time your punch combinations. Its sometimes difficult to get the Mii to box as quick as you want, or in the place you want. I find making a side body shot particularly difficult. Boxers normally get back up after a knock down. Only a really good upper head shot combo while they are on the way down will keep them down.


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