SEO For Blogging and Web 2.0

It is no secret that blogs are great for helping you increase your SEO rankings. If you did not know this you do now. You can use wordpress, blogspot, to create a blog, post data frequently and the search engines will follow this by indexing and following the data you post on your blog.

Most blogs are for personal use, i.e. sharing information, talking about your experiences, or maybe promoting your own service. One important element of blogs is SEO and marketing. This is because blogs get frequently updated (daily or maybe even twice a day), and usually speaking the data is fresh and unique so search engines put high weight on blogs that are focused, relevant, get updated regularly, stay on topic and have a good navigational structure.

It is the freshness of the content that the search engines seek, and as blogs are updated frequently search engine bots will come looking and therefore will frequently visit your blog. This is turn can be used to your advantage so that you can link to other sites, or use any deep links, that you need to get noticed by the crawlers or search engine bots. Most blogs do not contain direct links, however you could always format your blog so that it does contain permanent links if required. This can then help with increasing your SEO score for your site.

A very common mistake made by novice bloggers is that they will spend a lot of money advertising their blog, but they have actually not made a useful, informative post or article. The aim for bloggers should be to add content regularly and than start advertising, spending money on advertising, and ensure on undertaking SEO activities.

Another mistake novice bloggers make is that they do not optimise their blogs for SEO. For e.g. the title can be optimised for SEO so that it grabs the readers attention as well as increasing your traffic to your blog. However many bloggers do not do this.


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