Victorian Style Nightdresses, A Timeless Ladies Nightwear Classic

Victorian style nightdresses are still a firm favourite with those who adore classic styles of women’s nightwear especially when they are made from cool crisp cotton or smooth soft flannel fabrics. These pretty feminine garments are not just practical items of bedroom attire but they are also very romantic to wear. Evocative of a bygone age of female innocence and purity which is emphasised in how they are designed to cover the whole body from head to toe in cool crisp cotton or linen. These Victorian style nightdresses look absolutely stunning to wear especially the white ones trimmed with pretty feminine blue or pink satin ribbons around the wrist cuffs and the frilly lace bodice. Buttoned up to the high lace collar they feel really cosy to wear and when freshly pressed they feel cool against the skin making them perfect to wear for bed all year round especially during those long winter months.

You could wear one of these beautiful cotton creations just for lounging around the house in and it would look stunning especially when worn with a button up Victorian style robe too with the same matching satin ribbons. These gorgeous Victorian style nightdresses are also now available in pure silk and silk satin fabrics for lovers of all things soft silky and smooth. These silken fabrics add an elegance to these classic nightgown and robe sets that is unsurpassed by any other style of nightwear making them a sumptuous luxury addition to any satin lovers collection. Connoisseurs of silk and satin already know that these fabrics feel absolutely fabulous to wear so the idea of being cocooned in the silken caress of a Victorian style Nightdress is for them more than just a little appealing. It’s probably something to do with how the folds of shimmering material look and feel as they cascade over the body or how it catches the light when they move.

But for classic nightwear enthusiast nothing compares to the smooth cool kiss of crisp white cotton mixed with delicate feminine lace as it slides over their bodies especially when freshly laundered and ironed. Imagine shedding the cares of the day along with your work clothes before taking a long hot shower and slipping into stunning white Victorian style nightdresses with matching cotton robes for a relaxing night in. Complete the picture with pure white cotton sheets and pillowcases edged with pretty feminine lace covered with a matching white linen comforter. The perfect setting for curling up with a good movie and a relaxing drink before slipping beneath those crisp white sheets cocooned in folds of soft smooth cotton. The only downside would be having to extricate yourself from your cosy nest the next day unless of course you fancied giving yourself a well deserved day off. Then you would be at liberty to have a leisurely breakfast and spend the morning lounging around the house still wearing those beautiful Victorian style nightdresses with matching cool crisp cotton robes.

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